• Gretchen

Grapes: It's all About the Black Grapes

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Wow! Black seedless grapes are amazing. If you've never tried them, you really should. They are super juicy, sweet and flavorful. These little gems do not last long in my house.

We eat them plain, on peanut butter sandwiches and in fruit salad. My stepson's favorite way to eat them is with salami on a Ritz. Of course, grapes are a fantastic complement to any cheese board, convenient to take on picnics and always a crowd-pleaser.

It isn't always easy to find black seedless grapes. Most grapes found in the grocery store are either green or red seedless. Did you know:

1. All types of grapes are rich in nutrients especially, minerals and vitamins.

2. Black grapes are the most nutritional. Most health experts and the nutritionists recommend black grapes over red grapes.

3. Black grapes have more antioxidants than red grapes.

4. Black grapes contain more polyphenols.

5. Black grapes are sweeter.

6. The darker the grape, the more flavonoids (antioxidants) it has. Black grapes have a high concentration of flavonoids. *

Friendly reminder - grapes are among the dirty dozen produce types that have high pesticide residue. Buy organic whenever possible. If that is not possible, clean them VERY well.

* Differencebetween.net