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Cocktail Corner - Ménage a Trois 2015 Gold Chardonnay

Ménage a Trois 2015 Gold Chardonnay Fact Sheet

I tried the Ménage a Trois 2015 Gold Chardonnay after an event in Washington, DC. It is a Chardonnay blend from St. Helena, California. It was smooth and buttery with the right amount of creaminess. I loved that it was fruity and buttery without being overly oaky. It has nice flavor and I really enjoyed the little notes of vanilla. At $8.99 a bottle, it is an affordable everyday white wine. I am adding to my buy list.

Ménage a Trois 2015 Gold "is not organic, but close. All of Trinchero Family Estates owned vineyards are sustainably farmed. Trinchero Family Estates is dedicated to minimizing the use of chemicals for pest and weed control in all company vineyards. We use Cover-crops like flowers, oats, barley and legumes build soil organic material and lure beneficial insects who feast on detrimental pests. Thousands of tons of grape skins, seeds and stems are converted into compost for vineyards, nutriceutical use and cattle feed."*

Here are the TASTING NOTES from the winemaker:

Indulge in the extravagant pleasures of Ménage à Trois Gold—an opulent Chardonnay blend like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Every glass offers an abundance of riches, from the wine’s brilliant gold color and luscious aromas to its deep, layered flavors and full, round mouthfeel. An irresistible fragrance of crème brulée, honeyed pineapple, and exotic floral notes rises from the glass, hinting at delights to come. On the palate, a wealth of ripe tropical fruit flavors meld with luxurious French vanilla and hints of sweet spice before culminating in a smooth, buttery finish. Brimming with beautifully integrated flavors and a sumptuous, seamlessly creamy texture, Gold is decadent indeed. So go ahead spoil yourself—you’re worth it.

* Menage a trois wines

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