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10 Reasons You Should Compost

Yard Waste

My dad was in to organic gardening and composting over 50 years ago. This was one reason he had such an amazing garden. Composting is the organic process of breaking down waste and returning the nutrients back in to the soil. Backyard composting converts food scraps and yard waste into organic material that will be added back into the soil to help plants grow. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider composting:

  1. Yard and food waste make up 30% of the waste stream. Composting your kitchen and yard trimmings helps divert that waste from the landfill, waterways and water treatment facilities.

  2. You will significantly reduce pest problems–and your use of pesticides.

  3. Healthy plants from healthy soil look better, produce better and have a much greater ability to fight off pests and diseases.

  4. Adding organic materials to the soil improves moisture retention.

  5. Adding decomposed organic material to the soil feeds beneficial organisms.

  6. Compost amends both sandy and clay soils.

  7. Compost provides a balanced, slow–release source of nutrients that helps the soil hold nutrients long enough for plants to use them.

  8. Composting saves money–you avoid the cost of buying soil conditioners, bagged manure etc.

  9. Feeding your plants well will improve your own diet. Plants grown in depleted soils have a reduced nutrient content.

  10. Home composting is a valuable tool in educating children about nature and the cycle of life.*

Whether you live in the city, suburbs or rural area, there are many easy options to help you get started. Check out this video from The Compostess for some great ideas:


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