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Sunglass Fix: Good as New

It was a sad day when my favorite sunglasses got a huge scratch right down the middle of one of the lenses. The scratch was so bad, visibility on the left side was severely limited. I wore them anyway because, well, they are my favorite sunglasses.

Scratched Sunglasses

I contacted Oakley to get replacement lenses. Turns out, these sunglasses are discontinued so replacement lenses aren't an option from Oakley. The Oakley representative sent me on a bit of a wild-goose chase by recommending I file a defect claim. I filled out the form, uploaded multiple pictures and submitted the claim. Not surprisingly, since the scratch was accidental and not a manufacturer defect, the claim was denied.

I was determined to find a way to repair my favorite sunnies, so I investigated an Australian company I had heard about called Sunglass Fix. After reading their website and watching a few videos, I placed an order. I was a little nervous about ordering from a shop in Australia since I live in the US., but I was desperate to save these Oakleys. I took a chance.

I was super impressed with the entire experience. The Sunglass Fix website provided helpful instructions for determining the lens size, which simplified the ordering process. The lenses seemed to arrive fairly quickly considering they were shipped from Australia to Virginia. The lenses came packaged with care. They were wrapped in protective paper inside a great little carrying case for your glasses.

Now for what I thought would be the tricky part – installation. Sunglass Fix had included instructions, which were helpful. I also consulted an online video that walked me through the process step-by-step. It turned out to be super easy to pop in the lenses. I just used my fingers; no special tools were required. It took 5 minutes at the most. These lenses are just as good if not better quality than the original Oakley lenses. The prices are also inexpensive for the quality of the lens you get.

Thank you Sunglass Fix! I am so happy with my new lenses. Once again, I can see clearly.


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