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My Mani-Pedi Just Got a Little Bit Healthier

Nail Polish

I love a good mani-pedi especially in Spring and Summer when my sandals and flip-flops have made their way to the front of my closet. I usually bring my own polish to the salon. This might sound a little silly, but I am particular about my polish and I can do touch-ups in between visits to the nail salon.

While picking out a new Spring color this year, I stumbled upon ZOYA. ZOYA is nail polish that touts being free of some of the most harmful substances. This got me thinking; what kind of chemicals are in nail polish?

It turns out "nail polish is likely the most toxic cosmetic there is. Polish includes poisonous substances such as formaldehyde, phthalates, acetone, toluene, and benzophenones. Phthalates, solvents for colors, are toxic to the nervous system; acetone and toluene, which keep the color in liquid form, evaporate quickly and fill the air with noxious fumes, putting your respiratory system at risk. The other substance we fingered, benzophenones, may cause cancer.”*

Many articles say that a limited exposure to these chemicals is fine for the occasional mani-pedi but why take the risk if there are other options. ZOYA Nail Lacquers are free of toxic ingredients such as toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP (dibutly phthalate). I gave this polish a try and loved the results.

My at-home manicure started with a base layer chip protector, followed by 2 coats of ZOYA polish and then a top coat. The polish looked fantastic and stayed chip free for over a week, which is great for me. Between dishes, gardening, more dishes and everything else, my hands and nails take a beating. It seemed this polish lasted longer and looked better than some of the more well-known brands I have used. ZOYA is my new go-to. My mani-pedi just got a little bit better.



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