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3 Minutes to a Pain Free Life: a Book to Help You Avoid Chronic Pain

My mom recommended Dr. Weisberg’s book to me years ago, when I began to experience aches and pains from sitting too much at a desk. 3 Minutes to a Pain-Free Life: The Groundbreaking Program for Total Body Pain Prevention and Rapid Relief details a 3-minute maintenance exercise program focused on alleviating pain.

Dr. Weisberg’s approach is efficient. The three-minute daily exercise program focuses on undoing the damage modern life inflicts upon on your skeleton. It helps build your back muscles and keeps your other joints in shape. Many of the stretches and exercises in the routine are similar to yoga poses with which you may be familiar.

stretch pose

If you have aches and pains from sitting too much or doing too many repetitive movements, you should seriously consider getting the book and giving the routine a try. It is beneficial for relaxation and pain relief. Here is a helpful tutorial video from Daren Raskin that shows each of the stretches and exercises in the routine.

This 3-minute program has provided me relief from my chronic pain. It has allowed me to continue to play soccer, run, garden and do all the things I love. Thank you, Mom!



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