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Union Square Bar Nuts

Union Square Bar Nuts

I am a big fan these bar nuts. They really pack a punch with only a few ingredients. I love the pecan-exclusive batch, but any combination of nuts will be a hit. These are great for taking to parties or giving as gifts.


2 1/4 cups assorted unsalted nuts-- we usually use pecans, maybe w/some almonds

2 Tablespoons coarsely-chopped fresh Rosemary

1/2 teaspoon cayenne

4 teaspoons dark brown sugar (sugar substitute like Lakanto Golden Monkfruit Sweetener, make these low carb)

1 teaspoon sea salt

2 Tablespoons unsalted butter (melted)


  1. Preheat oven to 350 F.

  2. Mix nuts, if necessary.

  3. Spread nuts on baking sheet, and toast in oven until golden brown, about 10 minutes.

  4. Mix all other ingredients in a large bowl.

  5. Toss toasted nuts in the butter/spice mixture.

  6. Serve warm.

This recipe was introduced to me by my brother and sister-in-law. I believe the original recipe was made famous by the Union Square Café, in New York, which serves up bowls of these yummy treats at happy hour every day at the bar.

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